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Complete Personalized Yoga for the Modern Life

Join our Yoga Community and get everything you need to make lasting life changes for increased vitality, greater joy and a deep sense of connection.

Do you feel alone and stuck in your Yoga Practice?

  • Are you looking for yoga teachings custom tailored to your individual needs?
  • Do you struggle to find your tribe in the vast community of yoga?
  • Do you know that yoga is much more than Asana practice, but find that you aren’t sure where to go for deeper teachings?
  • Are you longing for a thoughtful, introspective path to being IN your body?
  • Do you find more profound yoga teachings hard to comprehend or too academic?
  • Are you seeking to find dedicated practitioners that support one another to manifest their unique purpose on this planet?
  • Do you find it challenging to stay consistent with your yoga practice?
  • Do you have injuries from yoga or other activities that you don’t know how to work with in yoga?
  • Do you want to make important life changes, but find it hard to maintain the motivation you need to follow through?


  • Receiving profound, personalized and powerful yoga teachings in plain English, so you can actually make use of them.
  • Being part of an active and supportive yoga community that bolsters your motivation and accelerates your growth
  • Experiencing guided pranayama and meditation teachings that create powerful benefits quickly and safely.
  • Having a co-creative space to evolve, explore, and experiment with what it means to live a life of joy, vitality and connection.
  • The relief / joy that comes from finally feeling the embrace of a circle of yogis who enjoy the depth of a connected mind-body-spirit.
  • Healing old or new injuries and transforming your relationship to your body.
  • Being part of an awake and involved global yoga community and turning your connections into in-person, life-long friendships.
  • Enjoying feeling deeply connected with your body!

In the Yoga with Neesha Membership Community we provide everything you need to create a comprehensive, powerful and achievable yoga practice for yourself.

You’ll be supported by world renowned Yogini, Neesha Zollinger, a fantastic community of practitioners and profound yogic teachings that can help you accomplish lasting life changes, increased vitality and greater joy through manageable small weekly commitments.

And we have a great time doing it!

Join Us!

“Yoga to me is about bringing the extraordinary into the ordinary. The joy that comes from shared presence, authentic embodiment in movement, contemplation, and community conversation is a profound gift that I love to share with practitioners of every level and physical capacity.

With over 20 years of experience teaching, I also understand that people need approachable goals, teachings, guidance and support to make a holistic and deep yoga practice accessible.”

Neesha Zollinger

Kerri Lee C.

“I loved listening to everyone’s opinion and understanding the way they see life and living. I loved it. Thank you Neesha!”

Eric G.

“Neesha has a unique and intuitive way of leading her students with a variety of cues which adds a significant dimension to the classes. She also captures and incorporates ancient teachings in a modern and insightful way that invites everyone to consider how to apply them to their own experience. It was time extremely well spent!”

Shiho M.

“Practicing a new habit helped me to find rhythm in everyday life, which shifted the whole thing. I became more energetic, well rested, and I feel happier!”

Are you an Advanced Yogi / Teacher

The path of Yoga is infinite. As an advanced practitioner or teacher that wants to continue to deepen in your practice, it helps to have someone who can point the way from experience and provide space for you to discover your own truth. Here, we find joy in the never-ending journey of being present with our bodies, minds and spirits as we surf this miraculous wave of life together.

Imagine a non-competitive space where you can learn, share and celebrate with other dedicated yogis. Not only that, but many of our courses qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with the Yoga Alliance.

Are you a
Beginning Yogi

If you have never practiced yoga before or have just taken classes here and there, welcome! In the Yoga with Neesha Membership Community, you will find a clear path to guide you on your yogic journey. We care less about your level of experience in yoga, and more about your intention to cultivate a profound and holistic yoga practice that benefits your life in meaningful ways.

We’ve taught every type of yogi from beginners to those with injuries to advanced teachers. We’ll meet you where you are and give guidance appropriate for you.

Are you an
Older Yogi

Now more than ever, we need the wisdom of our elders! As we age, our yoga practice needs to adapt with the changing needs of our bodies. Research has shown that a consistent yoga practice improves the health of the body and mind, reduces injuries and enhances overall well-being as we age. Over time, many people also find that their focus shifts from the physical aspects of yoga to the energetic and spiritual ones. Elderhood is a wonderful time to deepen the intuition and listen to the body while staying strong and supple.

In our community, you’ll have the resources and support to continue deepening and adapting your yoga practice as you move into elderhood.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, young or old, we will meet you where you are and provide everything you need to create a comprehensive, but achievable yoga practice that supports you on your unique Yoga journey.

You belong here.
Join Us!

Personalized Yoga Assessment and Recommendations

  • We provide a personalized yoga assessment for all members and will give you recommendations on where to focus in our vast library of yoga materials for the greatest benefit.
  • For a limited time, all members will receive a complementary In-person Consultation with Neesha to review the results of your Yoga Assessment, receive additional recommendations and answer any questions you might have.

Real Community Support

Feeling part of a Community is a vital component of a healthy and vibrant life. The conversations that one has with conscious community develop into lasting and meaningful friendships. We are the company we keep, so it is important to surround yourself with people who, like you, are aiming for wellness and a vital life experience. It’s also the best way to stay on track with a consistent yoga practice, so you can experience the true benefits that yoga has to offer.

Extensive and Professionally Recorded Yoga Classes for all levels

Our yoga classes are professionally recorded and cover almost every topic you can imagine – Here are just a few highlights of what to expect:

  • Hip openers, neck and shoulders, preventative and healing classes for every body part.  Workshops on deepening into a variety of challenging yoga poses such as hand balances, inversions and backbends.  Workshops/series on bringing awareness and/or healing into body parts.  Women specific courses.
  • Chakra Series, Pranayama courses, Series on other energetics in yoga (koshas, nadis, etc.)
  • Guided Meditations, Contemplative reflection questions, Ritual instructions, support in connecting to the spiritual realm through your body.
  • Lessons from the yoga tradition that support modern living. Teachings of mindfulness and “bodyfulness”, understanding of the brain, nervous system and what you can do to make yourself more resilient to life’s daily stressors.

Two live online yoga classes per week

  • Keep your practice fresh with live online weekly yoga classes with Neesha and guest teachers. If you can’t make the live classes, all class recordings will be made available for you inside the membership community.

Pranayama training videos

  • The Breathing / Energy practices of Yoga, known as Pranayama, are some of the most powerful transformation techniques available to us.  Some breathing practices are activating while others are calming. We’ll give you guidelines on the different practices so you can safely and effectively add them into your day to sculpt your consciousness into a beautiful work of art.

Meditation instructional videos

  • The Meditation practices of Yoga help us calm our minds so that we become more productive, more clear in our thinking and more able to adjust gracefully to the ups and downs of life. In our powerful guided meditations, we’ll help you develop the skills to meditate whether you are a long time meditator or just starting out.

Discount to private lessons with Neesha

  • Private classes are a great way to deepen your yoga practice and get additional personalized attention and support. Neesha gives a limited number of private lessons each month. As a Community Member, you will receive booking priority and a discount on private lessons with Neesha.

Meditation instructional videos

  • The Meditation practices of Yoga help us calm our minds so that we become more productive, more clear in our thinking and more able to adjust gracefully to the ups and downs of life. In our powerful guided meditations, we’ll help you develop the skills to meditate whether you are a long time meditator or just starting out.

Discounts on live / online workshops

  • Throughout the year, Neesha also offers workshops focused on key topics such as the Chakras, the Koshas or her intensive Vitaliy 21 program. Community members receive priority access and a discount on these workshops.

Food / Diet recommendations / Recipes

  • Wondering what the best food is to complement and balance your particular constitution? We provide dietary guidelines and healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes to complement your yoga practice.

Book recommendations / Book club / Discussion group

  • There are a million books on yoga. We curate the best ones for you, so you can make the most of your reading and study time. You’ll also have access to a discussion group for the readings twice a month to ask questions and share insights with other community members.

Small Discussion / Accountability groups (Monthly or every 2 weeks)

  • We take community seriously, and we know that just being part of an online membership program doesn’t equal community. For those who want, we’ll organize self-facilitated small discussion / accountability groups and give you a meeting format to guide you. These are great spaces to create deeper connections, check in about your practice, ask questions, celebrate wins, and share challenges.

All member Q&A Meetings (Every month)

  • In these meetings, Neesha will be available to answer questions for any level of practitioner. Depending on the needs of the community and common questions that are arising, she may also use the time to teach on topics that help clarify more general questions and provide insight.

Continuing education credit for certain content

  • If you are a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, then you will be able to meet your Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements by taking our courses.

Besides individual classes we also have a number of series that take you more deeply into certain yoga topics. What follows are a few examples:

Professionally recorded Asana Classes that address the following topics:

  • Stress Relief for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Yogis
  • Yoga Therapy for various body parts (Hips, knees, foot / ankle, lower back, shoulders, neck, and more!)
  • Set a foundation for a handstand
  • Cultivate Core Awareness
  • Activate your Deep Core
  • Pick-Me-Up Vinyasa
  • Lower Body Strengthening and Lengthening
  • Neesha’s go to sequence for energizing as a busy mom
  • All around classes for the active, aging yogi

And Many, Many More!!!

Chakra Series:

Centuries ago, Yoga created a map to our being that was the key to living a life of balance, optimal wellbeing, deep fulfillment and bliss. This map, the Chakra System, bridges the realms of spirit and matter, and gives us the tools to align the body, heart, mind and spirit to create powerful, positive transformation in all areas of our lives from our basic sense of security to how we manifest wealth and intimate relationships to how we vision our future and connect with the divine.


This course will give you the tools to create mastery over the most important material and spiritual aspects of your life including:

  • confidence and a sense of profound security
  • material abundance and wealth
  • vitality and energy
  • balance in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • pleasure in your life and relationships
  • maintaining healthy boundaries
  • manifesting your dreams and life vision
  • a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude
  • your connection with the divine


What you’ll learn


  • How to clearly recognize the way each energy center communicates and shapes your core health issues, your psychology, and your spiritual evolution
  • Methods for identifying your energy system imbalances and blockages, and how to correct them
  • Instructional video sessions of yoga and other body-based practices to activate the chakras (with exercises for both beginning and advanced students)

Kosha Series:

The koshas, or “sheaths” in Sanskrit, refer to different layers of the self in yogic philosophy. There are 5 koshas: the annamaya kosha, or physical sheath/body, the pranamaya kosha, or vital energy sheath, the manomaya kosha, or mental sheath, the vijnanamaya kosha, or wisdom/intuition sheath, and the anandamaya kosha, or bliss sheath. The Journey Through the Koshas series will help you align & connect to all five koshas. Connecting to these aspects of yourself brings flow and communication between the layers of self. When there is greater clarity in between the gross and subtle sheaths of self, one feels a greater connection and fluency between intuition, body, mind and spirit.


  • Feel more connected to your physical body
  • Connect with your life force energy and vitalize your being
  • Balance your mind and emotions
  • Improve your ability to access your intuition
  • Insights into more layers of yourself and how they flow with each other


What you’ll learn


  • The theories behind this ancient yogic wisdom
  • Standing & balancing poses to foster your connection to your physical body
  • How to connect to the breath and allowing life force to flow & energize
  • Energy-releasing breath work and asana to balance your mind & emotions
  • Mindful movement and pranayama to activate your intuition & bliss

Relief from tension in Neck and Shoulder Series:

Tightness and pain in the neck and shoulders is something that many people suffer from. This series will help you address the root causes of this pain. We address the opening and release of tension in the legs and hips, so the shoulders and neck do not take on more than they have to. Chest opening along with balancing the shoulder girdle are also included. This class is full of anatomical cues to help you create ease in your neck and shoulders.


  • Ease in the shoulders
  • Awareness around holding patterns in neck and shoulders
  • Relief from stress and pain in the neck
  • Functional breathing
  • Activate your deepest core
  • Chest opening
  • Hip opening
What you’ll learn


  • How to release tension on your own
  • Functional breathing
  • How your head should functionally move
  • Imagery and visualization to support proper uppoer body function

What people are saying:

I really enjoyed your classes. I felt less tight and stiff in my neck and shoulders for several days after each class.

Bettie P.

Thanks Neesha, this was an excellent series!! One of the classes I had to do while my daughter was here and she thought that it was a LIVE class! That's how good it was. I kept telling her it was pre-recorded, but the way you engaged with the camera made it look like you were really talking to each of us!

Melanie S.




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